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 Vasily Kuzniecov armwrestling at gym

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PostSubject: Vasily Kuzniecov armwrestling at gym   Vasily Kuzniecov  armwrestling at gym EmptySun 30 Aug - 12:25




Success in arm wrestling, as well as in any kind of struggle is composed of many components, it is strength, speed, stamina, technique and tactics. But the priority still belongs to the force. Without good data security or filigree technique or speed will not bring any of the result.
The strength of this training with heavy weights, the static load. The heavy weights you train, the stronger you become. But the more burden you give your muscles, the more time they need to recover. And that must be considered when building your workout. Unlike bodybuilding, which are alternately loaded with all the muscle groups of the body, all his training armrestlerov devotes only their hands. In constructing its training system is reasonable not to perform all the exercises in one workout, and distribute them into several classes. Suppose in one workout you work through brachioradialis on the block, and on the other bicep.
Arm wrestling - a duel, and without sparring is not enough. Here, in boxing, you can not become a champion of working only with pear. But sparring is a colossal burden for your muscles and ligaments, and therefore it needs to be careful. I would not recommend you to fight for every single workout. I myself have been training under the scheme: Monday, Wednesday - weight training, Friday - sparring.
Jobs at the table must include a just struggle. As a wrestler or a boxer, throw or kick accumulating hundreds of repetitions rukoborets must hone their movements at the table for arm wrestling. For beginners, while working on technique main enemy of speed and heavy load. Performing exercises at a high speed or high resistance sparring partner, you will not be able to fully control the correct execution of movement.
When you work at a desk, you need to constantly change the sparring partners that you could confidently perform their movements regardless of the opponent, his weight, growth and fighting techniques.
Mastering the technique of struggle - the foundation of your future success. After all, only realizing techniques (mechanics of motion), you can properly perform exercises with weights. Here you no it does not dispense with a qualified trainer.
Here are some exercises to work out the basic movements used in arm wrestling.


Radial – one of the most important muscles in armwrestling. This muscle decides how much you can control your arm in the elbow joint. Starting position – arm bent with 90 degree angle. Grip cable over index finger knuckle. When performing exercise, remember to control:
- forearm perpendicular to the floor at all times,
- forearm should not “break”,
- elbow angle should remain the same throughout the whole move.


Starting position – arm bent with 90 degree angle, palm open towards biceps. Grip cable between index finger and thumb. Pull towards your temple, twisting arm outwards.


Starting position – arm bent with 90 degree angle, holding machine grip (palm turned left). Arm and elbow should be in line with the machine grip. During exercise, the return movement should be a pronation of grip, not just a return movement of elbow.


Starting position – seated on bench, body inclined slightly forward. Arm bent at 80 – 90 degrees, elbow touching the center of your belly. Curl towards chest. Movements need to be controlled, so that the elbow does not detach from body, and arm does not rest on knee.


Starting position. Forearm on bench, palm on machine grip. Varied angles with machine cable, work on your most preferred angle.


Starting position – arm extended along body, holding weighted belt. While performing exercise, please keep forearm steady, only the hand does the work.


One of the most basic rules of all exercises: maximum pressure is applied to muscle when strenght vector (ex. pulley cable) is perpendicular to the bending segment of your arm. Keep this point somewher in the middle of the amplitude of your movement.
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Vasily Kuzniecov armwrestling at gym
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