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 Ali Khan, PAK

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Date of birth
September 30, 1984
Time in the sport
Have been doing on and off like everyone since school. However started taking it seriously since the last year (Sept 2005) with the inception of tournaments in Pakistan.
73 kg
13,5 inches
15,5 inches
Fighting style
Hook/Drag; recently working on the toproll and post due to injury, and as the sport becomes more competitive.
Toughest opponent
Ali Murtaza aka Ali Bravo; although anytime I put pressure on myself the things start seeming tough.
Toughest match
Any close match is a tough match, however a few that pop up were against Khawaja Fahad in the first Lahore Tourney, Usman Naeem which came as a surprise: expecting an easy victory but he gave me a good run for my money before he lost: I took it as a match which would warm me up for the tough matches later on, however he kept bouncing back and severed the recurring injury before giving up, and Ali Bravo: his sheer size and strength is enough to give a tough match.
Finalist of the two City Lahore Tourney's Open Division.
Best training advice
Partials and Cable Simulation in the gym, and armwrestling in all directions on the table. Concentrate on all different styles and try to armwrestle as many different arms and styles as possible; nothing will then feel estranged in the tourney. Also work on your explosiveness of the start: power is more important than the strength. Participate as many tourneys as possible to work that mental factor: initially I used to get pretty upset before the BIG matches, as it improved my strength shot up in the tourney's. The most important one would be to avoid injury; injured athlete is an otiose athlete and worse than an undertrained athlete. Work on your extensors as much as your flexors or else you will soon injure your tendons. I have learned that the hard way.
Unknown talents
Was member of Pakistan U-19 Rugby team and took part in the Asia cup. Currently member of the Lahore Rugby team. Also won Lahore District powerlifting championship.
What changes to the sport would you like to see?
Less politics, One platform from which all organizations can raise their concerns, so that it can have an impact on the olympic arena. Unless the sport goes olympic it won't gain poularity among the masses.
To win the World Championship whenever I get the chance.
To heal my right and left forearm so I could train full throtle.
To improve my toproll and post.
To learn from the best in the world.
And to beat John Brzenk ... ... atleast once in his life time - even if it comes when he's like 80 years old.
Thanks to everyone who is linked to the progress and advancement of the sport in anyway. Also, a request to the entire armwrestling community world over to help with the development of sport in Pakistan.

Ali Khan, PAK Alikhan1
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Ali Khan, PAK
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