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 armwrestling club, CAMBRIDGE MINOTAURS

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PostSubject: armwrestling club, CAMBRIDGE MINOTAURS   Sat 23 Oct - 16:32

a few question's about your club

who set the club up & what year was it Question
what nites do you train Question
who's in your club Question
where do you train Question
plus how did you find out about the club Question
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PostSubject: Re: armwrestling club, CAMBRIDGE MINOTAURS   Sun 24 Oct - 15:53

Hi Nick, i set the club up a few years back in a pub i was managing but never had anyone turn up, so i put it on the back burner and trained at MK, now i run it out of the Pro Am fight centre in Cambridge every Monday night from 7.30 - 9.30

There are about 5 members so far with more showing interest each week, I'm still waiting for a certain Mr Lee Holland to come along and make me look like a chump!! lol!
but until then i'll be bossing the table.

Advertising for my club so far is word of mouth and will soon feature a piece on the pro am web site and news letter.
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armwrestling club, CAMBRIDGE MINOTAURS
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