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 Armwrestling girlfriend

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PostSubject: Armwrestling girlfriend   Armwrestling girlfriend EmptyThu 15 May - 11:32

Hello, I have a question that hopefully someone on here can answer. Me and my girlfriend have armwrestling matches occasionally. If we are both trying, we usually are at a standstill. However, sometimes I can get the advantage on her,only to have her get in a defensive (bent wrist position). At this point I can no longer advance my advantage. I don't know if I am legitimately getting this advantage on her, or if she is letting me get this advantage so that she can get the advantage herself. A few times she was able to get the advantage on me while in this "defensive" position...almost beating me a couple of times. On both of those occasions, our grips slipped, so I don't know if she would have won or not. Bottom line is : if we are both going full force, we are at a standstill, with each of us getting slight advantages. On the occasions that I get a pretty sizable advantage, it feels as if she lets up, only to get in that "defensive" position, which allows her to stop me from winning, and on 2 occasions, almost winning herself. Now, she has never beaten me, and the only time I have beaten her is when she stops trying, and says that she stopped because no one was going to win anyway (in other words...she "let" me win). My question here is that from this information: who do you think is the better armwrestler, and who do you think is overall stronger? I have been told that I probably have the stronger forearm , while she probably has the stronger biceps...do you think this is true? She says that she thinks that she is stroger than me at armwrestling, and that I am stronger than her at lifting stuff...do you think this is true as well? Thank you for helping us answer these questions.... Paul
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Armwrestling girlfriend
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