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Q hi Julian please tell us your DOB and were you were born?
A I was born on the 28 April 1971 in Swindon; yes I am nearly 40

Q when,were and who did you start armwrestling with?
A I am a huge wrestling fan, and was training to wrestle the year was 1986. Clive ironfist Myers used to wrestle in Swindon and i spoke to him about armwrestling as I never lost in any arm wrestle. He informed me of the then BAF run by David Shead and club secretary Marion Nisbet; my apologies on name spelling. My first arm wrestle was in the junior school on a wall in the playground the year 1978 and against an older lad and I won.

Q please tell us a little bout you first armwrestling compitition?
A In 1987 I took part in the proffessional championships and my first competition was a qualifier for the British Championships in Essex. where I l lost to a monster Brown brother? One of the many weights classes I competed in ha

Q in the early years of your armwrestling career who were your heros and why?
A Tony Durea quick pins and aggresive; Norman James extremely slick, Fergus Otoole owned the stage, Beefy Lloyd stare alone was ferocious and Rod Linette muscle on muscle; These are just some of the guys who owned the stage and you dared to go against them.

Q what do you think are the main diffrences between the armwrestling today and yester year?
A I would say it depends around the world; years ago not many knew how to wrestle technical and no one gave it away. It took me years to realise to regrip differently. I know it sounds daft but it was not as common to help as today. I give advice which took lots of losses, travelling money and importantly time. there were no videos etc it was tried and tested.
Then it went to strength, and a now a combination of technique and strength. Wrestlers today are more happy to offer advice as you and Nick do and on the way you train.

Q you wrestle with alot of fire were does it come from?
A My Guardian angel and my holy spirit

Q you have strong bond with GOD do you think this contributes to your sucess as a armwrestler?
I really believe I am an average wrestler, not the best, strongest, technical so I would say you are right this is how poweful God is.

Q you have multiple national titles in diffrent weights something not many have acheived,what is your treasured weight class win and why?
A I thank God again, but my first pro title 80kg defeating many top pro s and winning the titles with my wife and son watching meant alot.

Q what has been the highlight of your illustrous career and why?
A This is a difficult answer to choose one, wiining the Arm wars battlefield witha a jam packed class and family and friends watching is definitely one of them.

Q what training do you do now? and what would are your 5 favourite training tips?
A I have been really busy at work as I am a leisure Manager, the main training is with the team every 1st and 3rd Friday.
My training tips are train hard no short cuts, eat healthy and your body will look after you, listen to every advice a champion will sort out what works best for them; On training with Sylvan it actually changed the way I wrestled and Sylvan sharpened my skills he made the difference to me. Get yourself an excellent coach or partner.

Q you started your own club the swindon crusaders could you tell us a little about how it started and the members in the club?
A My nickname was the crusader obviously the crusades went to battle in the name of God also the Crusaders have a huge influence in Malta as my family originate from Malta. I went to battle with GOD on my side; it began in 2004 I think. Getting old memory going the numbers have changed throughtout the years; the main ones now are Martin who ive known for years, Jason Captain caveman, who I both want to keep the club running and Steve, Nick, Alan has not been well and Marino who I wish a speedy recovery.

Q you have been on and off the table in recent times can you tell us why we havent seen as much of the crusader and when if at all he will grace us with his presence again?
A I look forward to being hungry again; I have no problem in losing as all wrestlers must realise without them there are no competitions. there is no one in Uk and The worlds and Rod has a huge grand prix and these are 2 comps high on my list. As they bring a new challenge. I am happy to have a go with anyone on the arm wrestling training table.

Q what are your hopes and aims for 2011?
A I have no hunger yet! I listen to everyone on who can beat who etc and it makes me smile; my right hand has no comp level in it at all, for the last 4 years I thank God for what I have acheived with it. My left arm is alright and hopefully as I am nearly 40 I would like the chance to compete for the wolrds again. I will have to speak with Neil. I hope the sport can get some real respect from every one. If wrestlers do not respect their own sport how can you expect an observer to respect it.

Q and finally what changes would Julian Cini like to see in the sport?
A I know everyone has an opinion; mine is we have seen too many good arm wrestlers go. The sports needs characters with great ability, the likes of neil pickup, paul maiden and Rod Linette. Wrestlers need great wrestlers to want have someone to look up to. Only 5 wrestlers in the uk possibly have this. This makes them get better as they know the standard.If all the wrestlers from before came back and the young crop needs to improve ability rather than trying get to titles, as only an experienced wrestler will stay on course, titles or no titles
I hope you did not mind the book of answers ha you took me down memory lane. This Southern softie is looking forward to seeing you
God Bles s you all and safe armwrestling
I thank you for remembering me Paul, your a legend in the sport and will bring success to the sport,

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