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 Ted Wilson, GBR

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PostSubject: Ted Wilson, GBR   Ted Wilson, GBR EmptySun 6 Jul - 11:57

Contact info
teddypower@hotmail.co.ukThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Date of birth
July 29, 1982.
Self-employed-man of all trades.
Time in the sport
Ever since I was a kid, all I wanted to do was armwrestle, luckily in the summer of 2003 at an agricultural show I witnessed the "Granite Arm" event run by the British Federation, I was hooked from there on.
65 kg.
14 inch.
13,5 inch.
Fighting style
Hook and toproll.
Toughest opponent
My toughest opponent has gotta be one of my best friends, Ian Stones on the left arm. Whenever we pull it always stops, I can't remember a time when it didn't. , but on the right arm, also a good friend, Steve Rogers as mentally and physically he's amazing and to wrestle Steve I have to be mentally strong too.
Toughest match
There are so many... just so many, but one that really sticks out is against Peter Burnell in a three pin match in 2005 (I think?) after been in the hook every match, pulling flatout I win one match, he wins another, the last match unfortunately back in the hook again, but then from nowhere I flipped his wrist... dadah.. WINNER. And you know when you have pulled a hard match when you can hardly walk afterwards!
My favorites are; Silver twice at nationals, silver at Armwars, New Year Cup champion, Load Rage champion, silver at Granite Arm and bronze at European Championships in Sweden 2007.

Best training advice
Different training suits different wrestlers, what I would say is that each armwrestle you have in competition, wether it's a win or a loss make sure you learn something from that wrestle. If you can do that then you will always continue to get better, also any advice you get from people, take it even if it doesn't suit you... one day it might.

Armwrestlers that inspires you
There are so many armwrestlers that inspires me, but through the years that I've wrestled it's the british wrestlers that have helped me and inspired me to do well, people such as Julien Cini, Nick Hall, Steve Kirlew, Paul Maiden, Ian Stones, Andy Barker but most of all Neil Pickup as he's my friend and trainer and because he's got more heart than any armwrestler I know.
Unknown talents
Ha ha, you should see me limbo, I'm county champion, also I can wiggle my ears if that counts.
What changes to the sport would you like to see?
No changes... unless something terrible with the sport starts happening, then I'd want changes.
I have no goals other than to keep improving, and to get as freaky strong and technical as I

Ted Wilson, GBR Tedwilson03
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PostSubject: Re: Ted Wilson, GBR   Ted Wilson, GBR EmptySun 15 Nov - 11:01

ted wilson

british 65 kilo champion right & left arm 2009
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Ted Wilson, GBR
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