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 Sharon Remez, SWE

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Date of birth 1965
Started armwrestling
I've been in the sport since 1989, with a couple of breaks inbetween.
Weight 90 kg

Toughest match
The toughest match I had is with myself and all the people that expects me to win all the time.

Ok first I won first place in all local competitions in Israel, then I won the Nationals both in 90+ and overall. After that I won first place at the Worlds in Greece 1989 in -90 kg.
In 1990 I won all local and national competitions in Israel both 90 and overall class. Then Worlds in Texas 1990 first place in 90kg.
1991 the same as the year before won all + Worlds in Israel first place in 100kg. (that year I was very badly burned also, one reason that I stopped training so hard)
I won the -90 kg and -100 kg classes at Super bras de fer in Paris 1991 and came third after Gary Goodridge and John Brzenk in the Overall class.
The first 6 months of 1992 I competed in all local competitions in Israel and won (Israel have 1 or 2 competitions every month.) Second part of the year I won the European Championship, first place at Swedish Nationals and the Nordic Championship, then first place at the Worlds in Geneva 1992 in 90 kg and first place in the overall class.
In 1993 I won the competitions here in Sweden and in Norway, Swedish Nationals, Nordic Championship and some other competitions that I don't remember.
I think I also won the Swedish Nationals and the Nordic Championship in 1994 and 1995.
2006, swedish and European champion.
Golden Arm champion 2007 and Swedish Champion 2007, both arms.
Favourite armwrestler
My favourite ARMWRESTLERS are not in this case the ones that have the best results, but the ones who usually don't get to the top 4 in any competition but still think that they can do better and don't give up. All those in Sweden, Israel and out there in the world know who they are, I can't name all. (for example Jonas Rundström from Sweden, brother to Andreas, that continues and not only for the beer after.)
How did you end up here in Sweden?
When I was at the European Championship in Italy I saw posters with Cobra Rhodes all over the town Venice. Cobra was in Sweden at Lennart "Badman" Axén's place so I called him and told them to come down and compete... and so they did and we all placed good.
Lennart "Badman" Axén asked me and Cobra if we wanted to come to Sweden and help him with some armwrestling-shows at clubs. We all went to Sweden and pulled at clubs all around Sweden every weekend. If somebody could beat me or Cobra they would win US 500 $.
And when Cobra went home to USA again, I stayed in Sweden and met my girlfriend.

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Sharon Remez, SWE
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