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 Grip Tour of Britain Cheshunt results

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david horne
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Grip Tour of Britain  Cheshunt results Empty
PostSubject: Grip Tour of Britain Cheshunt results   Grip Tour of Britain  Cheshunt results EmptyMon 26 Sep - 8:53

Grip Tour of Britain Cheshunt

Sunday 25 Sept, 2016
Venue: Flamstead End Hall, Cheshunt
Promoter: David Horne & Jerome Bloom
All weights in kilo's

Open Class results (5 competitors)
1 Adam Bushaway (82.75k, 26) 5pt
2 Jerome Bloom (65.8k, 39) 7.5pt
3 Tom Currell (97.4k, 30) 12.5pt
4 Andrew Smith (87.2k, 57) 15.5pt
5 Doug Link (82.5k, 48) 19.5pt

Crushed to Dust Challenge
Successful: David Horne

Event 1 HorneTop Lift
1 Adam Bushaway 68.43k
2 Tom Currell 60.98k
2 Jerome Bloom 60.98k
4 Doug Link 39.95k
4 Andrew Smith 39.95k

Event 2 Half a Penny - Hold
1 Jerome Bloom 16k for 13sec
2 Adam Bushaway 14k for 7sec
3 Andrew Smith 10k for 8sec
4 Tom Currell 8k for 5sec
5 Doug Link 6k for 7sec

Event 3 50mm Pinch Block Hold
1 Adam Bushaway 85k for 6sec
2 Jerome Bloom 70k for 21sec
3 Tom Currell 70k for 7sec
4 Andrew Smith 55k for 24sec
5 Doug Link 55k for 13sec

Event 4 PickAxe Lever to Rear Hold
1 Adam Bushaway 7.4k for 9sec
2 Jerome Bloom 5.8k for 5sec
3 Tom Currell 5k for 10sec
4 Andrew Smith 4.2k for 9sec
5 Doug Link 3.4k for 41sec
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Grip Tour of Britain Cheshunt results
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