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 Grip Tour Criccieth results

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Grip Tour Criccieth results Empty
PostSubject: Grip Tour Criccieth results   Grip Tour Criccieth results EmptySun 17 Jul - 10:22

Grip Tour of Britain - Criccieth Grip Challenge

Saturday 9 July, 2016
Venue: Criccieth Memorial Hall, High Street, Criccieth, LL52 0HB, Wales.
Promoter: David Horne and the Criccieth Memorial Hall
All weights in kilos

Open Class results (14 competitors)
1 Calum Evans (90.75k, 28) 7.5pt
2 Mark Jeanes (144.85k, 28) 9pt
3 Tony Coward (92.35k, 35) 10pt

4 Dan Hughes (85.9k, 35) 16pt
5 Liam Hill (106.25k, 20) 17pt
6 Rob Mason (97.65k, 38) 17.5pt
7 Reuben Hughes (98k, 30) 18pt
8 Morris Williams (114.8k, 47) 26pt
9 Dafydd Jones (100.45k, 51) 27pt
10 Stephen Burr (102.85k, 49) 27.5pt
11 Rob Griffiths (94.05k, 23) 32.5pt
12 Pat Coward (71.75k, 65/Female) 34pt
13 Les Wiltshire (99k, 62) 34.5pt
14 Lucy Horne (45.4k, 10/Female) 38.5pt

Event 1 Stub Hold
1 Tony Coward 21k for 6sec
2 Calum Evans 16k for 10sec
3 Mark Jeanes 16k for 8sec
4 Reuben Hughes 16k for 6sec
5 Dan Hughes 13k for 13sec
6 Rob Griffiths 13k for 8sec
7 Dafydd Jones 13k for 7sec
7 Rob Mason 13k for 7sec
7 Liam Hill 13k for 7sec
10 Morris Williams 10k for 5sec
11 Pat Coward 7k for 26sec
12 Lucy Horne 7k for 11sec
13 Stephen Burr NL
13 Les Wiltshire NL

Event 2 MoonTop Hold
1 Mark Jeanes 15k for 24sec
2 Tony Coward 15k for 18sec
3 Calum Evans 15k for 11sec
3 Rob Mason 15k for 11sec
5 Liam Hill 15k for 7sec
6 Stephen Burr 15k for 5sec
7 Morris Williams 13k for 10sec
8 Dan Hughes 13k for 9sec
9 Dafydd Jones 9k for 25sec
10 Les Wiltshire 7k for 17sec
11 Pat Coward 7k for 8sec
12 Reuben Hughes NL
12 Rob Griffiths DNL
12 Lucy Horne DNL

Event 3 PickAxe Lever to Rear Hold
1 Reuben Hughes 7.4k for 31sec
2 Calum Evans 6.6k for 7sec
3 Dan Hughes 5.8k for 30sec
4 Liam Hill 5.8k for 16sec
5 Mark Jeanes 5.8k for 10sec
6 Rob Mason 5.8k for 7sec
7 Tony Coward 5k for 15sec
8 Stephen Burr 4.2k for 37sec
9 Morris Williams 4.2k for 11sec
10 Dafydd Jones 4.2k for 10sec
11 Les Wiltshire 2.45k for 13sec
12 Pat Coward 2.45k for 11sec
13 Rob Griffiths DNL
13 Lucy Horne DNL
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Grip Tour Criccieth results
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