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 Cambridge competition - February 28th - 2015

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PostSubject: Cambridge competition - February 28th - 2015   Thu 18 Sep - 15:18

Hi all, I will be hosting a comp in Cambridge on Saturday, 28th of February

There will be no novice class, by that I mean a novice in the truest sense, any puller with less than 6 months training.
In my opinion if you have less than 6 months, you are not seasoned enough for the riggours of competition.

I will be running an amateur class for anyone with more than 6 months of training (no time limit as to how long you want to stay in this class) as you are, in my mind, no longer a novice. I will also be running a Pro class.

The rules will be as follows

If you enter the amateur, you cannot enter the pro class and vice versa, if you want to pull pro class, you cannot pull amateur.

Amateur class will be reffed according to WAF rules, there will be
Dangerous position
Slips in losing position,
Elbow fouls will be called
Amateur class is single pin, double elimination all the way through.
Weight classes for Amateur will be 70kg, 80kg, 95kg over 95kg

Pro class,
No dangerous position
No losing position
Running foul will be used, a win on a running foul only gets a restart.
Single pin double elimination until 1/4 finals, then best of 3 with no a or b side (previous wins are wiped and you both start even)
Weight classes for pro will be 70kg, 80kg, 90kg, 100kg, 110kg, over 110kg

I will run 2 tables so I need at least 6 refs to allow for rotation/ refs competing, please get in touch, you will be paid for your time.

To enter, I will set up a pre registration and paypal so you can pay in advance

Entry fee will be for both arms (no discount for single arm)
20 in advance, via paypal
25 on the day
Refs will not have to pay entry fee if they wish to compete.

Details of the venue and date will be posted when sorted.

Hope to see you all there.


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PostSubject: cool   Fri 19 Sep - 9:03

Cool Dan I'll be there I'll have my new 1\2 knee up and running by then lol
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Cambridge competition - February 28th - 2015
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