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 Criccieth Grip Challenge results

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david horne

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PostSubject: Criccieth Grip Challenge results   Sun 13 Jul - 10:40

Here are the grip contest results from the stone of strength day.
Many thanks to all the promoters and competitors.
We really enjoyed the day!
I will sort the records out next.

Criccieth Grip Challenge

Saturday 12 July, 2014
Venue: Criccieth Memorial Hall, High Street, Criccieth, LL52 0HB, Wales.
Promoter: David Horne and the Criccieth Memorial Hall
All weights in kilos

First-Timers Class results (10 competitors)

1 Tim Willsdon (127.25k, 46) 4pt
2 Reuben Hughes (88.4k, 28) 8pt
3 Steve Burr (97.85k, 47) 12pt
4 Rob Griffiths (88.6k, 21) 13pt
5 Simon Johnston (136.05k, 31) 15.5pt
6 Owen Williams (106.4k, 24) 16.5pt
7 Dafydd Jones (98.3k, 48) 17.5pt
8 Les Wiltshire (92.9k, 60) 25.5pt
9 Dan Burr (82.5k, 39) 26.5pt
9 Morris Williams (111.8k, 45) 26.5pt

Event 1 Half a Penny Hold

1 Tim Willsdon 14k for 17sec
2 Reuben Hughes 12k for 16sec
3 Rob Griffiths 10k for 16sec
4 Owen Williams 10k for 5sec
4 Dafydd Jones 10k for 5sec
6 Steve Burr 8k for 13sec
7 Morris Williams 8k for 7sec
8 Les Wiltshire 8k for 5sec
9 Dan Burr NL
9 Simon Johnston DNL

Event 2 Shallow Hub Hold

1 Tim Willsdon 18k for 13sec
2 Steve Burr 18k for 10sec
3 Simon Johnston 18k for 6sec
4 Rob Griffiths 12k for 21sec
5 Reuben Hughes 12k for 16sec
6 Dafydd Jones 12k for 15sec
7 Owen Williams 12k for 10sec
8 Les Wiltshire 9k for 24sec
9 Dan Burr 9k for 8sec
10 Morris Williams DNL

Event 3 PickAxe Lever to Rear Hold

1 Reuben Hughes 5.6k for 31sec
2 Tim Willsdon 5.6k for 11sec
3 Simon Johnston 4.8k for 10sec
4 Steve Burr 4.8k for 6sec
5 Owen Williams 4.8k for 5sec
6 Rob Griffiths 4k for 21sec
7 Dafydd Jones 3.2k for 20sec
8 Dan Burr 3.2k for 6sec
9 Les Wiltshire NL
10 Morris Williams DNL
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Criccieth Grip Challenge results
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