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 Interview with Tom Holland

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paul maiden

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PostSubject: Interview with Tom Holland   Wed 7 May - 16:08

Q Hi Tom for many people say you have been the best upcoming puller of the last 2 years how old are you and when did you start to pull competitive armwrestling?

A) I am 22 years old, I started training in february 2007 when I was 15 years old with my parents lee holland and marie allen. I was absolutely pants when I first started training my sister could beat me in a split second lol when I started noticing progress it give me the urge to push my training to the maximum.

Q this year you took on the most feared man in british armwrestling Sanders of the bullets beating him twice in two comps what do you think you have been doing different that others have failed to do?

A) the only thing I am doing diffrent is not overthinking in training or competition. I MUST say im not happy with my pins on the right arm against craig. But you cant ever doubt yourself against anyone. Alot of people loose matches before they even reach the table. It doesnt matter who you are everyone has a weakness. You just have to find it. Dont be scared to give your everything against anyone.
Q you normally pull outside of your weight class is there a reason for this?

A) yes there is a reason. I LOVE pushing myself to the limits. Im not a glory hunter wanting loads of trophies. its not all about winning. Its about testing yourself. Craig is a prime example. He is so good because he wrestles with the big boys. If you want to be a world class puller. Thats what you going to have to put yourself through. HE WHO DARES WINS.

Q who have you got in your sights for your next scalp taking excerise?

A) I WANT GEOFF HALE!!! People will say toms got no chance. But your the ones that im going to proove wrong. Over 6 rounds he is definately beatable. Without sounding too optimistic Im aiming to be new year cup champ of champs 2015.

Q with the british champion ships looming can you give us a idea of were you will pull and who and why your toughest 3 oppents will be?

A) im going to enter what ever weight craig is entering wether it be 80 or 110+ lol. There are a few extremely tough opponents I mite come up against but craigs the main one I want at the british this year.

Q how will you prepare for this comp,can you give us a breakdown of the way you train,eat,prepare for a major comp?

A) training 2 nights a week is plenty of preperation. We dont up our training because a comp is coming up. Just keep training our a** off and 5 days rest before a comp. to be honest I dont have any special diet. I just eat anything that fills me up. i will be sorting it out soon and eating chicken all day every day lol.

Q last year was your first attempt of the worlds how was your experience of it all?

A) THE WORLDS was the hardest competition ive ever competed in. it was a great experience. The only downfall was the weight loss. I managed to loose 9.8KG in 7 days with loosing 3.6KG on the weigh in day to make the 65kg class. I could barely walk to the scales. Failed first attempt so had no choice to jog a couple of miles to try and loose the last 0.2. Couldnt have done it without all the support I had from everyone tho. Now I no the level of the wrestlers im ready for worlds in lithuania.

Q what is your long term goal?

A) if we are speaking in the long term then id love to be the BEST in the world. after this year im going to get heavy as I posibly can. So watch out devon haha

Q you club the slough slammers has quickly become a high level demolition crew,what do you think has contributed to these results so quickly?

A) I couldnt be more proud of my teams progress. We have had many people pass through and not come back because the training pain. but to be honest in this game only the strong survive. I pushed them past there limits from the day they all start. Your body naturally adapts to its surroundings. They all went through incredible pain for the first month or two. Now there stamina and strength has gone through the roof. And they dont care about loosing. You have to lose

well thank you Tom take care see you soon
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Interview with Tom Holland
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