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 Steven Kirlew, GBR

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PostSubject: Steven Kirlew, GBR   Sun 6 Jul - 11:50

Date of birth
January 9, 1981
Time in the sport
Since 1997. I injured my wrist and the doctor told me to never armwrestle again.
70 kg
Fighting style
Toughest opponent
Stefan Hüppin is a tough opponent for me. Although I've beaten him in our most recent matches he always seems to be attacking my weaknesses and puts them under a lot of pressure. I've been lucky in some cases to beat him.
Toughest match
My toughest match was against Roman Tsindiliani in the final of the PAC Worlds in Connecticut. I would've been happy with 2nd place against such an amazing champion but when I realised I could win it was not only a battle against Roman, it was also a battle against a belief in myself because I never expected to beat him that day! It was a great victory for me. I must add that Roman was very tired because he entered 3 weight classes but non the less it's still a great win for me!
British Champion 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
Golden Arm Champion, Sweden 2006
Arm Wars Champion, UK 2006
PAC Champion, USA 2006
Bronze medallist, World armwrestling championships, Manchester, England 2006
Best training advice
Train hard!
Train smart!
Learn from people better than you.
Accept defeat.
Accept injury and don't give up when it happens!
Isolate muscle groups. (Back, Biceps, Forearm, Chest)
Unknown talents
I'm very determined.. don't know if that's a talent and I plan on learning another language.
What changes to the sport would you like to see?
More money.
Win the WAF World armwrestling championships.
Win Arnold Classics.
Just keep winning and avoid injuries!
Find a wife!
I'm grateful to the Lord for my health, strength and success and hope that it will continue!
My dad is the WAF world armwrestling champion in the Sr Grand Master -80kg division and is training to keep the title for at least 3 more years

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PostSubject: Re: Steven Kirlew, GBR   Tue 8 Jan - 18:49

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Steven Kirlew, GBR
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